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Flagship Partner Solutions

— Industry-Leading Tools and Technologies from our Primary Partner - Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco's Angle Cable Nutrunner Torque Tool for assembling solutions
A Robot assembling Trunk to Car in Manufacturing Line

Dispensing Solutions

JagCo Dispensing Solutions are made to handle all dispensing needs - including battery module potting, glass glazing, and adhesive applications.

Vision system checking quality control of a product

Quality Inspection Vision Systems

Atlas Copco provides cutting-edge vision technologies and innovative tools to validate the quality of your production processes.

Engineer setting up a custom solution tool

Self-pierce Riveting Solutions

Rivets provide an innovative joining technology that creates strong, secure, self-sealed joints between aluminum and other materials - while eliminating the need for pre-drilling or spot welding.

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Solutions We Provide

We provide advanced manufacturing solutions such as precision dispensing, automated fastening, lift assist, HMI & process monitoring, robotics, and vision systems to improve your processes and increase efficiency.


Jaka Brand CoBot Robot
Cobot solutions designed to work collaboratively with human workers by performing repetitive or dangerous tasks and relieving the human to focus on the more critical tasks.


Varies of Torque Tools for Fastening Solutions
Fastening solutions ensure that critical joints and components are securely and reliably fastened, minimizing the risk of failure.


Quality control in action
Specialize state-of-the-art dispensing solutions that are designed to meet your specific application needs.

HMI & Process Monitoring

Integration of sensors and PLCs
HMI and process monitoring solutions that provide real-time data and feedback to improve process efficiency and quality.

Lift Assist

Schmalz Brand Vacuum Lit Assist Carrying a Wheel
Lift-Assist systems designed to reduce worker fatigue, improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury in all material movement processes

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Daifuku brand AGV, Automated Guided Vehicle
Application-customized AGV solutions increase flexibility and reduce costs in material transport, logistics, and manufacturing support.


Robotic welding process
Vision solutions designed to automate inspection tasks and increase robustness in robot applications - ensuring product quality and meeting production standards.

Turn-key Process Solutions for Highly Demanding Applications

JagCo is a single-source supplier for all aspects of the assembly process that carefully integrates a variety of stand-alone critical custom-engineered and off-the-shelf systems.
Full Assembly Line Deployments
Full Automated Stations
Lift Assist
Material & Product Conveyance
Automated Dispensing Cells
Vision Quality Inspection
Multi Spindle Fastening
Process Facilitation
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Automation - Key Partners
from aerospace to Electronics

Industries We Cover

JagCo specializes in automation solutions for many industries.

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