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Welcome to JagCo

JagCo is deeply committed to improving all facets of manufacturing by thoughtfully integrating innovative manufacturing technologies to solve our customer's problems. Our team leverages a comprehensive product portfolio combined with two-hundred years of internal knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, product development, project management, and engineering across a broad range of industries. We challenge ourselves every day to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the most value possible to our customers.

JagCo is excited to work with innovative partners who share our drive for excellence. Thank you for considering JagCo as a potential partner and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate together to help facilitate your manufacturing goals.

JagCo Values

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Technology & Innovation

It doesn't have to be fancy. Effectively understanding a wide array of technologies and knowing how to leverage them is a competitive advantage.

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Growth Minded Team

You know the saying - "You learn something new every day"..?
We aim for three.
At JagCo, we turn problems into opportunities and focus on continuous improvement.

High Amplitude Balance

We believe in having a well-balanced work-life balance, just dialed to 13. Work hard but live harder. Immerse and rewarding. Happy Monday.

Industry Machinery & Equipment
About us

Learn More About Our Mission & Vision

Manufacturing is the bedrock of our economy. It generates jobs; facilitates the production of high value goods & services; and outputs ever improving technologies, all of which are vital for people as a whole. Now more than ever, we must focus our efforts on reducing waste, improving quality outputs and minimizing input resources. In short, we must innovate.

Helping industry leaders become and stay competitive - That's our mission. Our job is to provide industry leading solutions that are engineered, integrated and optimized to do the job as intended. We push the bounds of the process and make the unthinkable possible. Why? because we can!

Welcome to JagCo.

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Our Work Process

Our workflow process is designed to ensure that every project is executed with precision and efficiency.
01: RFQ & 
Determine project requirements and create a request for quotation (RFQ)
02: Review & PO
Review the scope of work and specifications outlined in the PO
03: Engineering &
Design Approval
Custom built optimization models aligned to your business and processes, gives you a competitive edge and high returns.
04: Procurement, Fabrication & Production
Identify required materials and equipment based on engineering plans.
05: Factory Acceptance & Shipping
Conduct a factory acceptance test to verify that the product meets specifications.
06: Installation & Sign Off
Plan the installation process and ensure that all necessary equipment and resources are available.

Our Value Pillars

JagCo specializes in engineering turnkey systems integrating simple and proven effective ideas with industry-leading process equipment to solve production challenges at the process, station, and line levels.


Product Distribution
Our product distribution services ensure that clients receive the products they need when they need them. We work closely with vendors and logistics providers to ensure that products are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our distribution process is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, ensuring that clients get the best value for their investment.

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Our engineering team is made up of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and techniques. We use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our engineering services cover a wide range of industries, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality work.

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Project Management
Our project management services ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. We use a proven methodology that includes careful planning, effective communication, and close monitoring to ensure that every project is executed with precision and efficiency. Our project managers have the experience and expertise to tackle even the most complex projects.

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Turn-key Installation
Our support services are designed to ensure that clients get the help they need when they need it. We provide complete turn-key installation and ongoing support and maintenance for all of our products and solutions, and we are always available to answer questions and address concerns. Our support team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

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